Dave Brewer

Director of Building Services

Michigan State University


Dave Brewer serves as the Director of Building Services for Infrastructure, Planning and Facilities at Michigan State University. In that role, he oversees maintenance operations, renovation and renewal projects, and building system performance for over twenty-four million square feet of academic, administrative, and auxiliary space and a utility distribution network covering 5,200 acres. He manages this through a focus on relational leadership, leveraging the power of inclusive, intentional partnerships to achieve common goals, and a steadfast commitment to efficiency through both innovative risk-taking and continuous improvement of staff and processes.

With an educational background in organizational culture and communication, Dave enjoys turning an academic’s eye to the daily operation of his department and division. He has always maintained the belief that operational decisions have to “have heart” to best serve the staff and student stakeholders who will live with the outcomes. This passion for connecting the people to the work drives him to continuously engage with his staff and customers and to encourage others to achieve their potential through purposeful investment in themselves and their community.